Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you can find out everything you could possibly want to know about SonicTonic here. But we’re all ears! If you have a question we haven’t answered, or a suggestion for improving SonicTonic, please get in touch with us via email on

How can I get SonicTonic?

SonicTonic is an app, so you will need a smartphone or other iOS device. We are working on an Android version too.

Simply click on this link, then download the app to get started. It’s free and comes with two tonics to get you started. If you like, you can get more tonics by buying credits within the app.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, there are two tonics you can try right after downloading the app. They’re called “Try Me First!” and “Sleep Soundly”. They give you a primer in some of the techniques used so you’re ready to start your journey towards better quality sleep, better quality concentration, better quality calmness and better quality of life.

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How were the Sonic Tonic ingredients chosen?

The SonicTonic ingredients have been chosen carefully, based on many hours of research and years of experience. These tried-and-tested techniques are widespread amongst practitioners and people who use them to make improvements to their everyday lives.

All of the ingredients have  clearly defined, technical standards describing how they are to be produced and implemented. For example, Binaural Beats must have specific and precise frequencies, be pure, and be in stereo for them to have any effect. You can trust that a Tonic contains exactly what is written on the label.

Only by adhering to these criteria could we compose and produce effective, professional Tonics. Doing so required many hours of research and care.

Why is SonicTonic special?

SonicTonic takes popular mindfulness techniques and combines them into effective solutions that can be taken everywhere. They are targeted at specific problems, not just general relaxation. The techniques have been used for decades, even centuries, and great care has been taken to produce them professionally and in keeping with the technical requirements of the techniques themselves.

But the most special thing about SonicTonic is the way it takes existing techniques and combines them into completely new sound experiences that are effective in helping you lead a more fulfilled life.

What do the different symbols in the app mean?

There are two sets of symbols: one set for the Tonics, and another set for the ingredients. A Tonic is a sound programme, usually lasting around 10 minutes, with a specific purpose. Within each Tonic is one or more ingredients – for example Binaural Beats, or Solfeggio Harmonics.

Sleep icon

The sleep icon for sleep-related Tonics.

Tonic-category icons

Each Tonic has an icon that symbolises the category it belongs to – for example, the crescent moon icon for sleep-related tonics.

Ingredient icons

Each of the ingredients has its own icon. When you open a Tonic, you can see which ingredients are in it by looking at the icons.

Here you can see what each of them means:

Music = Music

Isochronic Tones = Isochronic Tones

Pure Alpha = Pure Alpha

Solfeggio Harmonics = Solfeggio Harmonics


Autosuggestion = Autosuggestion

How can I buy more Tonics?

Credits are the currency you need to buy Tonics other than the two complementary Tonics you receive after downloading the app.

Open SonicToinc and navigate to the Tonic Store. You will then see the “Buy Credits” button. Please click here.

You will now see a screen where you can purchase the credits. Choose how many credits to buy: 10, 30 or 80. The more you buy, the less each credit costs.

Click on the number of credits you wish to buy and confirm your purchase. Once your purchase is complete, the number of credits in your account will be displayed:

Your credits (SonicTonic-app screenshot)

I’ve got a coupon – how do I use it?

That’s great news: someone has given you the best gift possible: calm, relaxation, freedom from anxiety, better sleep, better concentration or all of them!

It’s really easy to redeem a coupon: simply open the app, go to the Tonic Store, and you’ll see a “Redeem Coupon” button at the top. Click on this to reveal a textbox where you can type your code. Click “redeem” and you will see that your credits have increased. Choose one or more Tonics until you’ve used all your credits.

How can I download my Tonics before going on a journey?

You can see which Tonics belong to you but haven’t yet been downloaded by taking a look under “My Tonics”. The Tonics with a “Restore?” label are available for download. Simply press one of these bottles, and the Tonic will begin downloading.

Those that belong to you (i.e. are blue, not greyed-out) but do not have the “Restore?” label are already present on your device.

Below, you can see that some Tonics are available for download, and others have already been downloaded. The red arrow shows a Tonic that has not yet been downloaded.

Restore Tonic

Remove Tonics from your device to save space

If you wish to save space on your device by removing a Tonic, it’s easy to do this. (Don’t worry – it’s not gone for good. You will be able to download it again at any time.)

Simply navigate to “My Tonics” and click on the Downloads button.

See Downloads

You are now able  to remove Tonics by clicking the “Delete” button next to the Tonic you wish to remove.

Delete a Tonic

Where can I see the Tonics I’ve bought?

All your tonics are stored safely under “my tonics” for later use. You can also see them in the Store: here they are marked with either “It’s yours!” if it is on your device already, or “Restore” if you have bought it but not downloaded it yet.

How can I see everything I’ve downloaded?

Simply navigate to “My Tonics” and click on the Downloads icon in the top-right of the screen:

See Downloads

Now you will see the Tonics that you have bought and downloaded listed alphabetically. You can click on the “Back” button (shown here by the red arrow) to return to “My Tonics”:

I’d like to play my tonics on my hi-fi. Is this possible?

You can play Tonics through an external sound system such as a hi-fi, depending on the device you are using. If you are using iOS, you can connect to an external device as usual via a cable, Bluetooth or AirPlay. When playing a Tonic, you will see an icon in the top right of the screen if external devices are available via Bluetooth or AirPlay (see screenshot).

Please note that some of the ingredients only work properly with headphones. In particular binaurual beats, ASMR and other bilateral brainwave stimulation techniques require different sounds to be played in each ear, so listening with loudspeakers will not have the full effect, and listening via one loudspeaker or mono sound equipment will not yield optimum results.

Sonic Tonic screenshot (Airplay)

Does using SonicTonic have any side-effects?

There are no known side-effects but if you are in doubt, or if you have pre-existing conditions, please consult a medical practitioner before using SonicTonic. As SonicTonic may alter your state of consciousness, we strongly advise against using it whilst driving or operating machinery.

I’m a bit sceptical about whether SonicTonic actually works. Persuade me!

SonicTonic is best approached with an open mind. Simply trying it out and not worrying about what everyone else says is the best way to get the maximum benefit out of it. The success of the techniques used is based on a number of sources: partly scienctific research, partly anecdotal, and partly based on experienced gathered over many years working in the music industry. It may take some time before you start experiencing positive effects, and it will probably help if you read about the techniques used so that you can understand how to apply them properly with the support of SonicTonic. Some people may come to the conclusion that it’s not for them. And that’s fine. If you don’t find a joke funny, that’s okay – it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for other people. The same goes for SonicTonic.

How did the idea for SonicTonic come about?

SonicTonic’s founder, John Groves, went looking for a good Autogenic Training recording, but was very disappointed to find that most sound-based mindfulness and autosuggestion products on offer were of a low quality. They were either poorly recorded, contained unsuitable voices or used inappropriate music – sometimes sounding like a child holding down a chord on a home organ. But more shockingly: the recordings he found often did not adhere to the technical requirements of the methods they claimed to implement. He set to work researching and planning and eventually assembled a professional team to design and produce that what has today become SonicTonic: A professional Receptive Sound Therapy tool for addressing conditions such as anxiety, circular thinking and stress, which is now available in the form of a smartphone app.

Is SonicTonic a medical app?

Medicine is a very wide field – in a sense, yes, SonicTonic is a medical app because it aims to help you tackle issues that have very real medical consequences. Sleeplessness, anxiety, circular thinking and more: if you can identify and address these, you will be a more healthy person and may not have to go to the doctor’s so often.

However, SonicTonic makes no claim to replace regular medical treatment. If in doubt, speak to a medical practitioner (and get them to download SonicTonic while you’re there ).

How can businesses benefit from SonicTonic?

There are two main ways for companies to benefit from SonicTonic.

i) We can give you credits for Tonics, which you can then give to your employees to redeem in exchange for Tonics after downloading the app. This could be part of an employee reward programme, a company health policy, or simply a one-off gift at Christmas or another festival. Depending on how many credits you buy, we can arrange a bulk discount.

ii) If you wish to have an app like SonicTonic of your own, we can arrange for that too because the app is available as a “white-label” solution. We would give you your own app, available through the app store, with your own branding. This can be useful for distributing to clients or employees.

Your employees will thank you, and you could help them become happier and more productive. Everyone’s a winner!

Do not hesitate to get in touch if either of these options appeal to you.

Do you have any tips for listening?

• Always listen in quietest possible surroundings
• The frequency response should be as linear as possible
• Closed over-ear headphones are best
• Earbuds should be inserted deep into the ear
• If using Bluetooth check that you are really hearing stereo
• Use noise canceling whenever possible
• Make sure that the cable doesn’t make any sound when moved